Member Hours

All the names of non-members have been removed and are on a separate file. Until you turn in your member application, you are not considered a member and your hours do not get your dues in ASAP!


Beginning 6/17/11...

Minimum required hours has been changed to 40 HOURS.

Individual Hours:

If you would like to add individual hours to your Key Club community service hours, please turn in a sheet with the 1) name of the event, 2) your name, 3) the number of hours and 4) the coordinator's signature. Or, you can have the coordinator email Lydia with the above information!

MAXIMUM: 10 hours from any one event (Ex: if you volunteered for 20 hours at the library, that cannot be added to your Key Club hours) MAXIMUM 20 INDIVIDUAL HOURS IN ALL.

1 ink cartridge = 0.5 hours

30 soda can lids = 0.5 hours

Please turn all donations (with your name on them) in to Lydia so that you get hours for them!

MAXIMUM: 10 hours for donations per year


If you show up to an event without (a) signing up or (b) emailing the coordinator, you will receive HALF HOURS for that event. We would like to stay organized, and people showing up unexpectedly causes problems =]

DRIVING: now half an hour each way. If you give rides both there and back, that's an extra hour! We've been having problems finding rides, and we would really, really appreciate it if each member gave at least one ride during the school year!


For each fundraising event you attend, you will receive 1 hour (the length of the fundraiser is irrelevant).


Contact the coordinator of that event, and have them email Lydia to confirm that you were there. Thank you!


Hours are updated every two weeks. Contact Lydia at if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Year 2011-2012 Hours will be posted after dues are paid.

Year 2011-2012 Hours (Soon to be updated!)

Year 2010-2011 Hours (Last updated 9/10/11)

Year 2009-2010 hours (Last updated 8/28/10)

Year 2008-2009 hours (Last updated 6/9/09)

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