Member Applications 2011-2012
All (even returning) Key Clubbers must fill this out and pay $13 in cash or in a check made payable to TPHS Key Club. Please give your completed form and money to our Treasurer Connie Liu by October 19th. If you miss this date you can still join Key Club, but dues will increase to $15. We allow students to attend 3 events without paying dues in order to see what type of community service we do. Please get your forms in on time!

Project Form/Sign up Sheet
This is for Officers/Class Reps to fill out for any events they are coordinating so people can sign up for the event at the meeting. However, we are also open to members finding events, and will give you 1 hour of community service if you do. If you contact (by phone/email) any of the board members to get the event approved, please fill out the project form and bring it to the meeting. One of the board members will help you in coordinating the event the day of.

Event Data Form
This form is for coordinators who have already had their event. After the event, the coordinator must fill out this form, download it, and email the completed form to secretary Catherine Lee at

If you are interested in attending DCON 2011, fill out this form and follow the directions listed on the bottom of the form. You may turn in your form to any board member. Please turn in this form as soon as you can so we can accurately tally how many Torrey Pines Key Clubbers will be going this year. If you have any questions, contact Thank you!

If you are interested in running for a representative position for next year, fill out the application and submit it by 11:59 PM May 20th. Interviews will be held during the week of May 23rd. If you have any questions, contact

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